When it comes to social media, indie entertainers need to take quick action to gain a following online and support their entertainment business. Instead of spending countless hours each week trying to follow the same trends as others on social media, indie entertainers need to forge their own path to social media stardom by giving their fans more of what they love, the entertainer!

The key thing to keep in mind when it comes to seeing growth on social media is to show up. Show up when no one is engaging to see the growth when they start engaging. Show up as yourself, and share what makes you unique. Stay consistent with your social media content to keep growing your following online, and turn those followers into true fans.

Record Live, Authentic Practice Videos

Let your audience see the real you by recording live, authentic practice videos. When you sit down to tune your instruments and practice by yourself or with your band, turn on the camera and start live streaming. Give people a taste of what it’s like to see you perform live, and use it as a call to come to see you in a live concert on your entertainer platform.

The more often you go live, the more comfortable you will feel on camera, making these live sessions like practice for your live concerts, as well. See the experience as a learning opportunity, and the added support and fans are icing on the cake.

Make sure you create a call to action in every practice video to come to join you on your platform, follow you on social media, and let the audience know how they can support your independent entertainment business.

Share Personal Stories

Sell your entertainment services through storytelling. In our last post, we talked about how you are the number one tool for building a fanbase online. Use your charismatic nature and innate ability to entertain others to connect with your audience on a personal level. Create an intimate setting where you share personal stories, and let your fans get to know the real you.

As an entertainer, stories come naturally. Just as you would write a song, skit, or comedy routine, you can tell the backstories of how you came up with these compelling pieces of entertainment.

Talk about the experiences you had that lead you to write that heartbreaking ballad, or the real story behind your favorite comedy skit. The powerful emotions behind those stories are what make people connect to your entertainment, it’s about how the art makes us feel.

Create Your own Entertainment Platform

With your own entertainer platform, you can use your social media platforms to funnel your fans into paying patrons of your entertainment business. Once your fans are on your entertainer platform, you have a captive audience who is ready and eager to be entertained by you. Create a call to action on your social media pages that directs your followers to your platform, and start seeing your fanbase multiply.

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