When it comes to being successful as a comedian, you must get people to recognize you and your brand of comedy. Create a massive following of people who get your comedy, love your delivery, and are eager to see your new shows and updates. When it comes to branding yourself as a comedian, you have questions, and Zector is here to help. We put you first and create fully-customized and branded platforms for comedians and other entertainers.

By following these three steps to brand yourself as a comedian online, you will be well on your way to building a fanbase that loves your work and cannot wait to hear from you.

Create Eye-Catching Graphics in one Color Scheme

Create eye-catching graphics for all social media accounts: match the color scheme and formats to create a cohesive brand. When you use the same color scheme, fonts, and style for your social media graphics, you create a recognizable brand. Even if you are just starting out, having brand recognition will help you keep your fans loyal and coming back for more time after time.

Create a brand kit that covers your color scheme, fonts, and styles of posts you will use across all of your social media platforms online. Then, you can outsource or automate your social media posts without having to handhold along the way, or create a streamlined process for your social media content to do it yourself.

Zector Pro Tip: Create a PDF that lays out your brand style with color scheme and fonts included to streamline your social media content creation process.

Punch Up Your Messaging with Punch Lines

Punch up your messaging with some catchy punchlines, and do not be afraid to turn your best jokes into quote snippets for social media. Start with a simple font and color for your social media graphics, then plug in your jokes into quote formats to get your comedy routine in front of more potential fans.

See the example below for a pun-filled way to punch up your social media messaging. Okay, maybe we should leave the comedy to the comedians, but this format can be used with ease for even the least tech-savvy comedians on social media. If you are having issues creating your social media imagery, try a free Canva account for quick, branded social media content that shows your unique brand of comedy off.

For more tips on creating a strong presence on social media, check out our previous post about building a fanbase online.

Host your own Comedian Platform

Host your own comedian-platform for fans to show up online as a professional comedian. With a comedy platform of your own, you can connect with fans without the pressure of being hidden by algorithms while trying to make a name for yourself on other platforms.

Grow a community on your branded comedian platform and start reaching your audience in a place where they cannot scroll past your amazing content. To get started with a comedian platform that’s built just for you, reach out to Zector today.

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