Independent musicians who want to skyrocket their entertainment career should read these five tips to increase indie musicians' virtual bookings.

In an age where booking an in-person event or live concert seems light-years away, independent entertainers need the tools to pivot to an online platform and book virtual events.

Network with other Entertainers Online

Treat other entertainers as part of your team instead of part of the competition. There is enough to go around for us all to be successful, and when you lift others up, you can hang on tight for a ride to the top. When we work together, collaborate, and create new things together, we increase our chances of reaching the people who want to hear from us.

Use social media to find other entertainers online, and reach out to see how you two can help each other grow. Share tips, collaborate, and create a massive following as a team.

Search Casting Site Listings

If you want to increase bookings as an Indie Musician, you have to know where to get booked for a music gig. Check out the below list for sites that are open to casting calls for musicians in the United States and worldwide. Many of these sites have virtual auditions and are booking for virtual music festivals and music recordings for films, television, and virtual events.

✓Model Mayhem



✓Musician Casting


✓Auditions Free

✓Explore Talent

Be careful when responding to casting calls on these sites, and be sure to vet any individual who calls you in for an on-site audition. When in doubt, reach out to your network and ask for referrals from musicians who have worked with a casting agency in the past.

Tell EVERYONE You Are Open to Virtual Bookings

Your audience cannot book you for a virtual event if they do not know what you have to offer. Create posts on your social media channels, entertainment platforms, and website that you are open to virtual bookings as a musician. You could even write a new song about trying to get virtual bookings and share it with all of your social channels to increase visibility and reach online.

Reach Out to Virtual Event Hosts

Reach out to virtual event hosts and offer your services in exchange for a testimonial. Find causes and nonprofits you would like to help support in their virtual events and offer your work to help both support their cause and help increase your virtual bookings as an entertainer.

Create a Booking Platform for Your Indie Music Business

When you have a booking platform for your indie music business, you make the process seamless for people who want to book your music services. Take the hassle out of booking and watch your booking rates increase dramatically thanks to the ease of use with a booking platform made for indie musicians and entertainers.

Click here to contact Zector about setting up an entertainer platform to streamline your booking process as an indie musician.

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