As an entertainer, building a fanbase online is imperative to your success, but do you know the number one tool? It is you! Your charisma, talent, and loyalty to your fans are what brings in crowds, whether that is at a live venue, or online.

How can you show up as your authentic self online?

When someone is your fan, they want to know the real you. Intimate settings, like having your own entertainer platform, let you reach out and interact with your fans on a personal level. Think of your entertainer platform as the local coffee shop where everyone wants to hear every song you play.

Ask Me Anything Live Sessions

Give your audience a chance to ask you questions and see who you are. You can post an Ask Me Anything, or AMA thread on Instagram or Twitter, then let your fans know you’ll answer the questions live on your platform.

Feel free to skip over any inappropriate questions, but do not be afraid to get to know your fans personally.

Support Causes you Care About

Show your fans the causes you care about, and tell them how they can get involved and offer their support. In these trying times, people want to band together and bring forth the greater good. Music is a powerful tool that can help connect people and rally them to support a cause. Many non-profits partner with independent musicians, promoting their cause while also introducing their current supporters to emerging talent.

Get Involved and Build Communities with other Independent Artists, Musicians, and Comedians

Surround yourself with people on the same path, and create collaborations together. Your fans and their fans will be exposed to new art, and you can grow together. Those that glow together, grow together. When you stop seeing other entertainers as your competitors, and start seeing them as collaborators, you’ll realize that the world is big enough for all of us to succeed together.

How can you market yourself in a way that builds loyal fans?

Having a captive audience is great, but if you do not collect their contact information, you are missing out on valuable marketing opportunities. How will you let your fans know when to catch you live if you do not know how to contact them?

Collect Emails

Create a lead capture form where your fans can sign up for a newsletter or marketing emails, even if you do not have any shows to actively promote at the time. Anyone who uses an email list will tell you that they wish they had started collecting emails before they had a new launch coming out and needed to distribute marketing material.

Send Direct Marketing that Sounds like You!

Marketing and sales may seem cringe-worthy, but when you send direct marketing emails that sound like you, your fans are excited to hear about what you have to offer. Make sure you send out direct marketing when you have live shows, online events, and new material available. Send quick messages in a conversational tone on your platform and in your emails, and your fans will flock to your events.

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