Enjoy Coin


Enjoy Coin's founders came to Zector with an idea to create a mobile application that provides a better method for services workers to receive their tips. There was no code written just a thought that the Enjoy Coin team was looking to bring to reality.

The Challenging part was that the Enjoy Coin team had a vision of what they wanted, but the specifics were not present.

So we agree to start with:

  • Outlining Enjoy Coin's key goals of the project and expectations.
  • Creating user personas, and other specifics catered to how the application will function.
  • Focusing on the UI/UX design for each aspect of the project.


After meeting with the Enjoy Coin team we had a clear understanding of what needed to be done. Our team quickly provided well designed mockups of the application which were well received.

The diversity of skillsets within our team allowed us to not only select the proper language to develop the application, but we were also able to confirm the best platform to host the application, Identify the proper security controls, and compliance requirements for the application in scope.

Our team Is based in Maryland, so we were able to work remotely around the clock to meet our clients deadlines.


We developed a native application for our client from scratch. We listened to all the key details that we captured from our scoping call which in return created the best opportunity for us to wow our client.

We are proud to highlight some of the product features that we implemented
Contactless tippingFinancial literacyCrypto InvestmentsService workers can receive tips in cryptoUsers can save crypto and gain interestService workers can receive their tips instantly


Our team was able to capture a modern feel and meet the goals of our client

We created a sleek design that captivates our users with innovative features to keep our the users inside the application.


Together with the help of the Enjoy Coin team we were able to create a modern, fully functional mobile application that will be used by many users to directly tips service workers.

We were glad to work on this project and help our client change the world.

Let's build something together