Live events have halted in many parts of the world. Live entertainers need to pivot to online platforms to stay relevant.

Live events and video hosting help live entertainers serve an online community, but they do not typically add up to the same profits entertainers make while performing at live events. How can live entertainers turn their online platforms into a place where they can serve their fans and continue to support their business and keep creating? Read on to see what steps you can take to conquer pivoting to serve an online community.

Sell Tickets to Live Events

While you may not have concerts and live in-person shows, you can still host live events online where your fans can get a similar experience to attending a concert. With your own platform, you can sell tickets directly, or create a ticket portal through sites like Eventbrite, which give your fans a link to your event upon payment.

Share Snippets on Social Media while Keeping the Events Exclusive

During the event, share snippets or short videos of the experience to your social media pages, with a link to join the live event. Keep the actual event exclusive, but show a sneak-preview to your fans who haven’t joined the event yet.

Create an Online Merchandise Booth for Live Events

Multiple streams of revenue will keep your independent entertainer brand alive amid lockdowns. Make sure you have merchandise available for sale during your event. You can have virtual tour T-Shirts, and other memorabilia for your fans to show they attending your virtual concert. People miss the experience of concerts right now, and setting up a virtual merchandise booth will help sate their cravings for togetherness and the full concert experience.

Promote Your Events Through Email Campaigns and Social Media

Before you start your event, you need to sell your tickets. Social media is a great tool to reach a wide audience and promote your independent entertainer events. Instagram and Twitter have seen an influx of new hashtags, which are helping indie artists promote their virtual events. When promoting your events, try adding these hashtags to widen your reach:

✓ #virtualconcert

✓ #virtualfestival

✓ #livestreaming

✓ #liveperformance

✓ #acousticsessions

Also, try creating new hashtags that are specific to your independent entertainer brand, and using hashtags that are specific to your genre.

With email campaigns, keep your fans in the loop about upcoming events, how to purchase tickets, and what each event entails. Treat each event as a new album launch, get loud, and sent a drip campaign that starts at least one month in advance of each virtual concert you’ll host.

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