How to Turn Your Fans Into Monthly Subscribers With Incentives

How to Turn Your Fans Into Monthly Subscribers With Incentives

Relying on social media platforms to promote your business is risky.

Think about it for a moment.

This entire time you have been engaging with your fan base on social media platforms that you do not own. If these platforms were to take down your account, how would you be able to communicate with your fans? Have you started collecting data from your fans to stay engaged outside of social media? If not, your business is at risk.

If you want to increase fan engagement, you need to learn how to turn your fans into monthly subscribers with incentives. By learning how to do this you will increase awareness around your brand, increase monthly recurring revenue, and collect data on your fans.

Three ways to acquire subscribers with incentives

Let’s be honest people enjoy it when you add value to their lives. Adding value to your fans is the easiest way to turn them into subscribers. When your fans see the value of what you give them, they are more likely to engage with you and buy your products or services.

Here are three examples of incentives that your fans are looking for to persuade them into becoming monthly subscribers:

Live Events

Hosting live events where you focus on uplifting and teaching your fans can display how much you care about helping your fans reach their goals. It’s also an important way to communicate verbally with your fans to help you build trust and awareness around your brand. You can contact us to discuss how to setup your own live event application.


Content such as ebooks offer you an incredible way to increase your conversion rate. It’s not enough to just say “sign up for email updates” even if your fans enjoy your content. By creating something extra for your fans shows that you care.

Email Courses

If one of your products is a course and you want to gain more traction, giving away a small part of that course through an email is a great idea. Email courses are a great way to build trust with your fans and automate your marketing efforts.


When you rely on social media platforms to promote your business, you’re putting your business at risk. Not only that you’re leaving money on the table by not collecting your fans data in order to engage with them outside of social media. I highly suggest that you start creating incentives in order to turn your fans into monthly subscribers. By creating incentives for your fans you increase fan engagement, increase brand awareness,  increase your monthly recurring revenue, and collect data from your fans.

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