Previously, we revealed that the number one tool to building a fanbase online is YOU, the entertainer. But, you already knew you were a gem of untapped potential when it comes to growing a fan base. Today we are diving into the secret tool every indie entertainer needs to build a loyal fanbase, which is having their own platform.

Why do indie entertainers need their own platform?

Having a platform for booking gigs, sharing new music, and connecting with fans creates a layer of exclusivity, you just cannot achieve without your own platform. It allows you to get to know your fans on a personal level, and gives you ownership of these “leads” as fans. What that means, is you can market to your fans directly without having to pay for ad space on other saturated markets.

You can use your platform to:

· Increase virtual event bookings

· Increase in-person bookings

· Enroll fans in email sequences

· Sell tickets

· Sell indie merchandise

· Go live for your fans

· Host your entertainment material

· Receive feedback from fans

· Share tour information

· Release new music

· And so much more – we cannot wait to hear how you plan to use your indie entertainment platform to grow!

How can you set up a platform as an indie entertainer?

Here at Zector, we specialize in creating platforms for indie entertainers with their needs in mind. We follow a process that allows us to connect you with the best solutions for your entertainment business.

1. Strategy Session

2. Design Concept

3. Development Phase

4. Testing

5. Deployment

Everything starts with a simple strategy session where we dig into what is important to you for your platform. We map out a strategy for your platform that represents your brand in a positive light, and nail down any features you want your platform to include. We create a timeline, and you receive a report with the major takeaways from the strategy session.

From there, we create a design concept, keeping you in the loop as we update designs to best fit your indie entertainer brand. We take steps to understand your brand identity before designing any visuals. Once the system is conceptualized, we get your final approval.

After design comes the development phase, which is kicked off with another phone call with you. We reiterate the objectives, and begin building your platform. We provide timely updates and regular communication throughout the development phase. With our project management tools, we can tell you exactly what is happening with your project at every step.

Before we deploy your platform, we perform rigorous testing in both manual and automated formats. Not only do we test the code, but also the security of the platform.

Once you are fully satisfied, we deploy your new platform and stay on standby for support of your new platform.

It all starts with a simple strategy phone call that leads to a huge boost to your indie entertainer career. Contact us today to get started.

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