Entertainers in 2020 need to go virtual to stay relevant, but what are virtual events looking for in an entertainer? If you are an entertainer who wants to land virtual event gigs, you need to know how to show up and pitch yourself to virtual event hosts. Here are four things that virtual event organizers are looking for in an entertainer for their prestigious events.

Camera Presence

Sure, you can hold a crowd in a live venue, but how you show up in front of a camera is vital for virtual events. You have to own the camera presence just like you would own the stage at a live event. Practice looking into the camera, not at yourself on camera.

Viewers want to feel like they have your attention, just as much as you want to draw their attention. Being present and at the moment is a massive part of creating a remarkable camera presence that draws a crowd.


Show up on time, every time. An entertainer's life may be fun, but that does not mean you have room to be late. While you may have had some leeway to be 15 minutes late, setting up at a live event, virtual events will bomb hard if the entertainment shows up late. Show virtual event hosts you can be on time by showing up early to meetings, with everything organized and ready to go.

If they ask you to prepare something for their event, send it to them for review as early as possible. Show virtual event organizers that they are a priority, and they will make rebooking you and referring you for other events a priority for them. Word of mouth goes a long way to getting more bookings for virtual events as an independent entertainer.

Fun, Upbeat, and Engaging Personalities

As a virtual event entertainer, you have to keep people engaged and ready to interact with event hosts. Have fun with your entertainment, show up as yourself, and do the things that make your fans love you. Show up with high energy and be ready to lead the conversation as you guide the attendees through a tremendous virtual event experience.

When pitching virtual events as an entertainer, show off your fun personality in your messaging.

Zector Pro Tip: Send a personalized video with your event pitches that will show the organizers just how excited you are about their event. Inject your personality into your video and go above and beyond the competition.

Fanbase Draw for Events

Virtual events are built on drawing people in from their social scrolling to engage with their event. If you have a large fanbase, you can help them draw in more people for their event. Look for events your fanbase would be excited about, and show the organizers how their event connects to your audience. When contacting event organizers for virtual events, boast about your social media followers, your streams on your videos, and any other stats that put you ahead of the competition.

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