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Zector's Process

Step 1: Strategy

First, we start understanding your core business objectives and create a roadmap to outline your goals, timeline, challenges, plan for dealing with the challenges, and actionable steps to execute the plan. Your stakeholders will meet with our project team for a research engagement tailored to fit your project. After the meeting we will type up a report with major takeaways of the meeting, and weigh in with additional insights and observations.

Step 2: Design

During this phase we take a content driven approach to design. Before we design any visual components we work with your stakeholders to explore your brand identity and determine the copy that will be displayed on this application. Once the copy is created we take an iterative, revision based approach to visual design and wireframing in order to build the desired experience for your users. Throughout the design process, we get your feedback weekly before implementation.

Step 3: Development

Development is kicked off with a scheduled call with you to restate our objectives and confirm how we will communicate throughout the rest of this project. We believe in consistent communication for all of our projects. We use a project management tool so we can share weekly written status updates, track individual engineer tasks, resolve issues, and provide access to shared documents.

Step 4: Test

During this phase we craft manual and automated testing scripts to ensure new code added is operating efficiently. We also perform security testing on the application to ensure the application meets any compliance standards and verify that the application is secure.

Step 5: Deploy

For our deployment process we set up a development environment in the cloud that allows our engineers to deploy quickly and save the source code to a repository. We also work with you to mitigate any risks during the launch of this project. After a successful launch going forward we can accept any feedback, handle any support inquiries and rollout new features required by your users.

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Tell us about your project

Why Zector?

We take care all of your technology needs

Web Development


From user interface development to API development, our engineers can write modular, well-documented, responsive code with a diverse stack of technologies to fit each customer's needs. We make sure to get it right the first time.

Mobile App Development


Our mobile development team can help you put your company in your customer's pocket by increasing brand engagement with an intuitive, creative and interactive cross-platform application. Cross platform development allows us to write your codebase once and run everywhere.

UI/UX Design


Great user experiences are important to us for every software that we create. We take the time to understand your users pain points to ensure your users get the best experience.

Web Scraping


The internet is full of data waiting to be extracted, transformed, and analyzed by businesses. Our engineers create custom web scraping solutions to quickly gather the data that you need and provide it in a elegant structure.

Media Services


Our engineers develop live stream and video on demand solutions to give you more control over your content and to increase customer engagement. We also provide payment integration as a core feature for subscription media services.

QA & Support


From functionality to security, our team has you covered. We pride ourselves on our communication and provide weekly updates with a fair turn around time in customer communication.

Our software development team provides real time solutions specifically for your business needs.

Tell us about your project



Alauna J

“Zector team is very hands on and attentive to our business needs. It has been a pleasure working with them.”


Rita D

“The Zector team diligently places meeting the needs of customer at the center of their business agenda. Their live chat options, video calls and curated agendas are a key examples for showcasing their rapid and precise results mindset which their company embodies. Team Zector is the optimal choice for meeting my business needs!”


David O

“Zector is our go to for all our critical projects. Pleasure to work with. They always bring the best solution and produce a clean and bug free final product.”