5 Reasons To Ditch Youtube And Own Your Entertainment Platform

5 Reasons To Ditch Youtube And Own Your Entertainment Platform
Jessann Hathaway

August 03, 2021

5 Reasons To Ditch Youtube And Own Your Entertainment Platform

Independent Entertainers flock to YouTube in hopes of reaching new audiences and building their fanbase, but it is not all sunshine and happiness from there on out. Entertainers who are only using YouTube are missing out on the massive benefits of owning an entertainment platform of their own. These are the five main reasons you should ditch YouTube and create your own entertainer platform.

1 Privacy Controls

YouTube may be the largest media platform in the world, but that does not come without its drawbacks. Their large platform often makes having control over who can see your content cumbersome, and all videos are posted as public by default.

Choosing to set your videos to private or unlisted is an option, but this greatly limits your reach and can keep your loyal fans from viewing your content. With your own entertainer platform, you control who sees your content, when it is available, and how they can or cannot share that content with others online.

2 Control Over Ad Placement

Are you tired of having ads that you do not agree with or are against your views showing before your content on YouTube? With your own platform, you can control ad placement, or even choose to not have any ads on the platform. Support brands and causes you care about through ads, or create an ad-free platform to keep your fans happy.

3 You Own Your Audience Information And Can Market Directly

YouTube’s algorithm can end up burying your videos and causing your fans to lose you in the crowd. Even big-name celebrities on YouTube have seen slowdowns when YouTube’s algorithm changes. With a self-owned platform, your fans are there for you, and you can market to them directly without ever worrying about being lost in the sea of other entertainers and performers on a larger platform.

4 Stop Worrying About Youtube Restrictions And Demonetization Of videos

The fear of losing your monetization on YouTube videos can cause many entertainers to play it safe online, for fear that their artforms may violate YouTube’s restrictions. Art is not created in a vacuum, and independent entertainers need the freedom to provide their fans with inspired work without stressing over whether it violates some terms, which by the way are constantly being updated. A video that is perfectly fine today could become a violation tomorrow.

5 Customize Your Platform To Fit Your Indie-Entertainer Brand

YouTube is the Walmart of content, with everyone trying to fit into their categories and squeeze into containers. The last thing your fans want is another carbon-copy YouTube channel that does not show them anything new. With your own platform, you can add customizations that fit your indie entertainer brand and show the world what makes you unique.