Jessann Hathaway

August 03, 2021


You have heard all of the typical advice for marketing your indie band. Now it’s time to get creative. Keep reading for five surprising ways to market your independent band that you probably have not tried yet.

Email Drip Campaigns with Music Teasers

An email drip campaign is a series of emails sent to your list of subscribers at certain intervals. When you set up your email drip campaigns, drop some of your music clips in there, just enough to get email subscribers to click into the link and land on your sales page for your band.

Social Media Contests Where the Prize is a Virtual Live Concert

Pull your current fans into your marketing campaign by hosting a contest where the winner gets a no-cost live virtual concert from you. A great way to do this is to ask your fans to share their “perfect setlist” of songs you would perform at their concert on social media, while tagging your account. You will reach new audiences and get your current fans excited about your band again.

T-shirt and Merchandise Contests

Rather than a contest where the prize is a t-shirt or other merchandise, have a design contest. Offer the winner a monetary fee if you choose their design for your new band t-shirts and merchandise. You will get a better idea of what your fans want to see you sell, and get a ton of new design ideas for your indie band merchandise.

TikTok your way to the top: uploading your indie music to TikTok

With TuneCore, you can upload a single song or an entire song to TikTok’s library, allowing TikTok users to use your music in their videos. While the royalties from TikTok are not great, you can reach a massive audience by having your music here. All you need to do is create an account, select your type of release, upload music, and cover art, then add the contributors to the song, so they are credited each time the song is played on the app.

Once your music is on TikTok, let your fans know so they can go and create their own TikTok videos with your music and share them with the world. Support your fans by sharing their TikTok videos when they use your music, and they will remain loyal and keep uploading thanks to your reciprocation.

Go Live on Your Platform or Social Media During Practice Sessions

Give your fans a taste of the behind-the-scenes authenticity of your practice sessions by going live on your entertainer platform or on social media. If you have a weekly jam session, take your phone and just hit “go live” when you get together. You can create a recurring event and invite your fans to join in on your practice sessions from home.

Sharing your jam sessions is a great way to keep fans engaged even when you do not have new music to share with them. If you need help setting up a platform for your Indie Band, check out our options designed for entertainers here.