Jessann Hathaway

August 03, 2021


Pinterest is more than just a spot to save your favorites you find online, it is also a great way to grow your business as an indie entertainer. If you are not using Pinterest for your indie entertainer business, here is how Pinterest marketing strategies can benefit indie entertainers.

The key is to stay consistent in posting to Pinterest, and keep adding new pins while resharing your previous pins to new boards. Stay vocal to stay visible on a site with over 320 million highly active monthly users.

Millions Use Pinterest Daily

Over 320 million people are active on Pinterest monthly, and nearly a third of these users are from the United States. While it used to be a place for mothers to upload their mommy blog saves, a recent report by Newsroom stated that 40% of new Pinterest users are men. Today, the variety of users on Pinterest spans far and wide, allowing you to reach your target audience on a site that was once very niched down. Now, you can niche down with Pinterest boards and groups that let you find your target audience for your independent entertainer business where they are already hanging out online.

With so many users on Pinterest, it is easy to feel like your indie music or comedy will be lost in the crowd. Take advantage of using tags and keywords in Pinterest saves so that your target audience can find your pins, save them to their boards, and share them with their like-minded friends.

Use Video Pins

With a Pinterest Business Account you can upload videos as pins in either .mp4, .mov, .m4v formats. Videos cannot exceed 30 minutes in length, and must have a minimum resolution of 240p. Pinterest analytics show that shorter videos get more engagement and have higher click-through rates. Simple Pin states that “for every second longer the video is, the clicks and saves went down,” regarding using video pins in most industries.

The goal of your video pin is to get Pinterest users to click the link to see more of your video content, and purchase entertainment packages from your indie entertainment business. Create short clips of your music, comedy, or other forms of entertainment sessions to grab the attention of Pinterest users who want to see more from you.

Create Backlinks with Each New Pin

Every Pin you save to Pinterest creates a new backlink for the page it is saved from. When you upload a pin directly, you have the option to enter a link for the Pin to redirect the user to once they click. Take advantage of this feature to build backlinks for your site or your entertainer platform and drive more traffic that you can convert into paying fans and customers.

Backlinks increase your authority on Google, and lead more people to your site. The more variety your site has in backlinks, the higher they will rank in search engines. While not all of your backlinks should come from Pinterest, it is a highly valuable tool for gaining backlinks for your entertainment business.