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Media Services

Our engineers develop live stream and video on demand solutions to give you more control over your content and to increase customer engagement. We also provide payment integration as a core feature for subscription based models.

Web Development

From user interface development to API development, our engineers can write modular, well-documented, responsive code with a diverse stack of technologies to fit each customer's needs. We make sure to get it right the first time.

Mobile Development

Our mobile development team can help you put your company in your customer's pocket by increasing brand engagement with an intuitive, creative and interactive cross-platform application. Cross platform development allows us to write your codebase once and run everywhere.

Web Scraping

The internet is full of data waiting to be extracted, transformed, and analyzed by businesses. Our engineers create custom web scraping solutions to quickly gather the data that you need and provide it in a elegant structure.

UI/UX Design

Great user experiences are important to us for every software that we create. We take the time to understand your users pain points to ensure your users get the best experience.

QA & Support

From functionality to security, our team has you covered. We pride ourselves on our communication and provide weekly updates with a fair turn around time in customer communication.

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